Health and Safety

Health and Safety Program:

Fletchline, Inc. is committed to achieving high standards of health and safety. We are also committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive working environment for our employees as well as our customers. It is expected that a high level of safety performance will be maintained at all job site locations.

It is the obligation of all employees to be knowledgeable of the company’s standards and OSHA regulations. Employees at all levels must work diligently to execute policies and procedures pertaining to occupational health and safety issues. We encourage our employees to seek creative and innovative solutions to continuously improve our health and safety performances.


Managing the Health and Safety Program:

Safety must be planned into every job, and attention to problems and potential hazards of the work and the work place is a continuing obligation. Safety and work efficiency go together for a successful and profitable job.

Safety is a condition of employment, and all employees must exhibit a conscientious assumption of health and safety responsibility.

Concerned, involved, and trained employees are the most essential element of a safety program at Fletchline, Inc.

An employee who has been properly instructed by the first line supervisor is more likely to do a job conscientiously, efficiently, safely, and correctly the first time it is done. Taking time to do a job right the first time prevents wasted time from having to do it over.

Daily Safety tips should be given on new, different, unusual, or critical jobs or when variations occur.

Having group safety meetings allows health and safety information to be distributed to the workforce. Explanation and frequent reminders of safety rules and practices are necessary to train, motivate, convince, and educate employees to perform their work in the most productive and safe manner.

There are certain jobs, procedures and processes where the risk of serious injury, loss of production, and the loss of efficiency are critical. It is vital to have control over these jobs and the way they are performed by identifying the methods to be used to prevent loss, establishing written minimum procedures, training employees, and following up to assume compliance.

Accident Investigation Forms must be filled out completely by the supervisor, no matter how slight the injury may seem. Fletchline, Inc. will review the form to determine what procedures or preventive measures that were not taken to prevent the accident.

Supervisors and Foreman are responsible for reporting any unsafe procedures in which other contractors may be exposing to our employees or customers to our client and Fletchline, Inc.

The job site superintendent and the foreman are ultimately responsible for implementing the Health and Safety Program and for preventing accidents and injuries.